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Ad Hoc mailbox

No sign in page! No registration! No password! An unique ad hoc mailbox is created by just visiting this website.

Disposable email

Do not expose your real email. Dispose emails immediately. No strings attached.

Temporary email address

Emails and the whole mailbox are automatically deleted after 10 minutes.


Using is always simple and free. Just send an email to "" and check your disposable mailbox.

Avoid Spam

Use a temporary email to prevent spam and phishing when signing in to online services and wifi networks.

Mobile friendly is responsive and is just as usable on a small screen device.

This disposable mailbox keeps your main mailbox clean from spam.

Just choose "" and use it on websites you don't trust and don't want to use your main email address. Once you are done, you can just forget about the mailbox. All the spam stays here and does not fill up your main mailbox.

You select the address "" and received emails will be displayed automatically. There is no registration and no passwords. If you know the address, you can read the emails.


Basically, all emails to "" are public for the 10 minutes after creation / renewal. So don't use it for sensitive data.
10 minutes after creation or last renewal the mailbox and all mails send later to "" are not reachable for anyone anymore!